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About Us

We are a small group of volunteers dedicated to bringing joy and kindness to the elderly by delivering a bouquet and a smile.  

How Does It Work?

We gratefully accept locally donated flowers from flower farms, grocery stores, florists, weddings, celebrations or any venue that is looking to brighten someones day with their flowers. We then recycle/repurpose the flowers into new bouquets. These bouquets are then delivered to individuals in senior centers. Essentially, we take what would otherwise be discarded and turn them into a smile! 

Do we charge for our services?

Bouquets of Aloha services are free of charge.There is no charge for pick up, arranging or delivery of the bouquets. Our bouquets are created by a group of volunteers dedicated to sharing Aloha.  


How do you select who receives the flowers?
We rely on nurses and caregivers to determine who would benefit from a bouquet. This is typically someone who would not usually receive flowers, has not had a recent visitor or is without a support network. 

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